DC to hire consultant for county-wide radio system

April 27, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Dufferin County councillors have approved the hiring of a radio communication consultant, to look at the feasibility of a radio communications across the county.

Brought forward by the county’s General Government Services (GGS) committee to council at their last meeting (April 12), the consultant, still unknown who will be hired, will make recommendations on how an interoperable radio communications network or channel could be established and used by multiple agencies in an emergency.

“They have a neutral view of things,” explained Mono Deputy Mayor Ken McGhee, and chair of the GGS committee, on why they are requesting a consultant.  “End of the day, you’re not gong to get total commonality.”

The cost to hire the consultant is to not exceed $20,000 plus HST, which will be allocated from the Emergency Management reserve to cover the cost of the consultant.

The original request for the development of the radio network came from fire chiefs in Orangeville, Shelburne, Grand Valley, Mulmur-Melanchton and Rosemont to ensure that all emergency services, including firefighters, police and paramedics, can be on the same frequency and have a faster response time.

“We’d also like to have it done within this term of council,” added Councillor McGhee.

Once the consultant is hired, talks will begin with all of the county’s emergency services, and the report will be brought back to the GGS committee and county council by the end of June.


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